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Current Grant Recipients

Thanks to your support, Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale has funded nearly $800,000 this year to 27 diverse organizations including not-for-profit health care organizations, public health agencies and community groups in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties that further the Komen mission! 

These projects have been selected by our independent Grant Review Panel as those that will have the greatest impact in serving uninsured or underinsured individuals in our service area. Please note that Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale is not a direct service provider. 

2015-2016 Grantee List

Baptist Outpatient Services, Inc. - 786-662-4705
CareCoach Patient Navigation Program

Newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients often face devastating personal hardships and life-altering, permanent consequences such as medical, psycho-social, insurance, employment and educational issues.   To support patients and improve health outcomes, the Baptist Health Breast Center (“Breast Center”) developed the CareCoach™ patient navigation program.   Breast Center patients are matched with one of our four full-time CareCoaches™ who provide compassionate care, guidance to patients and their families from pre-diagnosis through all phases of the cancer journey and coordination of treatment.   CareCoaches™ are the constant in the cancer patient’s journey and assist patients to navigate the challenges of breast cancer and the complex, bureaucratic healthcare system.   The CareCoach™ provides compassionate support and connects patients and their families with support services, such as physical therapy, genetic testing, support groups and nutritional advice.   Importantly, CareCoaches™ address and mitigate barriers to healthcare by, for example, offering multi-lingual brochures, foreign language interpreters and internal referrals for financial assistance.

Baptist Outpatient Services, Inc. - 786-662-4705
Genetic Risk Education Services (GRES)

BHBC's Genetic Risk Education Service (GRES) program is a community service screening program available to South Florida community members, patients of referring physicians and their extended families.  This  Komen request will directly benefit underserved, underinsured/ uninsured women in Monroe County as well as minority and linguistically isolated and foreign born women in Miami-Dade County who are otherwise unable to afford these services.  Genetic susceptibility testing, which identifies harmful, hereditary genetic mutations, is as important a screening tool for individuals with a personal and/or strong family history of breast cancer just as the mammogram is for the general population.  Individuals with harmful mutations are much more likely to develop breast cancer than are individuals without these mutations.  For harmful mutation carriers and their extended families, medical management options of surveillance, chemo-prevention and preventive surgeries can make a significant impact in early cancer detection, prevention, treatment, and ultimately, life expectancy.

Baptist Outpatient Services, Inc. - 786-662-4705
Survivorship Program

With improved treatment options, improved detection rates and increased breast cancer awareness, more people are living longer after breast cancer diagnosis.  Baptist Health's Breast Center (“Breast Center”) Survivorship Program has taken on the challenge and recommendation of the Commission on Cancer to create and implement a successful, comprehensive strategy to help cancer survivors and their families live with, through and beyond cancer.  Through an intense, human connection philosophy, the Breast Center supports, assists and empowers breast cancer survivors post-treatment by supporting the needs of survivors, their family members and caregivers.  This includes the range of physical, psychological, social, spiritual and financial challenges survivors face at diagnosis, during treatment, and throughout the remaining years of their lives. Our Survivorship Program is one of the first comprehensive programs of its kind in South Florida.   Our Komen-funded program will focus on quality of life issues affecting the post-surgery continuum of care.

Cancer Support Community Greater Miami - 305-668-5900 
Breast Cancer Support and Outreach (BCSO) Program

Cancer Support Community provides: 1) Culturally sensitive outreach to Hispanic and to Creole speaking patients who benefit by gaining knowledge of resources to help them manage their illness. 2) Pre-Chemo classes to patients with Spanish dominant speaking skills. 3) "Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster" classes, a validated intervention that decreases emotional distress, the need for pain medication and the length of hospital stays; in both Spanish and English. 4) Educational sessions on many topics, including: nutrition, lymphedema, reconstruction, depression & anxiety, community resources, genetics, long-term survivorship, and sexuality, which help patients make informed treatment and post-treatment decisions. 5) A validated therapeutic exercise program to decrease the risk of co-morbid illnesses and functional decline. These classes help build strength, improve range of motion, reduce fatigue and anxiety levels, and enhance quality of life. 6) Professionally facilitated support groups where patients share feelings and concerns, explore solutions, and provide support and inspiration for others. Validated benefits of support groups include reduced isolation, anxiety and depression, enhanced quality of life, better coping skills, and building of community with other survivors. 

Christine E Lynn Women's Health and Wellness Institute - 561-955-3096
Screening & Diagnostic Project

We strive to provide access to high quality breast care for the women of South Florida, regardless of income. We educate the community about the importance of routine screening mammography as part of quality breast care, and educate on personal risk factors to ensure each woman takes ownership of her health when possible. We work within the community with a mobile mammography unit as a grassroots effort brings screening services to the patient, providing less disruption in their lives and access to care. Our exceptional services include clinical services including breast exams; and diagnostic services including screening/diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasound, and breast biopsy. Inclusive of every service is education to each woman’s condition and personal risk factors, as well as nurse navigation. Our nurse navigators work closely with other nurses in Broward County  to refer patients for care that is convenient for the patients who reside in those communities. The Komen grant will increase access for the underinsured black women and LGBT communities. This  will impact the women and men who reside in the Broward and Miami Dade counties that meet 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. 

Community Life Support, Inc. - 305-688-5456
Health Education for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Community Life Support provides culturally sensitive breast health services through screenings, dissemination of education to minority women, culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach and provision of access to quality health care services to the uninsured women and families of Miami-Dade County. The groups targeted for this project are uninsured minority women who are foreign born in Miami-Dade and South Broward. The proposed program will increase breast cancer awareness and identify women in need of services. Mammograms and diagnostics screenings are performed through referrals to Memorial Healthcare System’s mobile Mammogram.

Department of Health - Broward County - 954-467-4755
Department of Health Broward County Early Detection Project 

This project’s purpose is to ensure access to the continuum of care, specifically to the uninsured or under-insured Black women and women who partner with women who are age 50-64 in Broward County. This project will fund a part- time Health Educator who will provide breast health awareness through outreach and education, and promote breast cancer screenings. This project will be 100% comprehensive in nature and will reach out to the target population through various means. Should breast cancer be diagnosed for women enrolled in this project, they will be navigated to a treatment source or to the Florida Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program for enrollment in Florida Medicaid.

Florida Keys Area Health Education Center, Inc. - 305-743-7111 ext. 206
The Keys to Healthy Living

Keys AHEC will provide a comprehensive breast health and breast cancer awareness campaign that includes educational programming to un/underinsured adult populations and teenage students of Monroe County. Services will include breast exams by AHEC/UM medical personnel with referral and follow-up to adult populations. Keys AHEC programs have been most effective in that we bring our programs directly into the community. That is, rather than clients needing to seek us out, we “come to you.” When applicable, referrals will be made for mammograms, some being offered at no/low cost through a voucher program with our local Zonta chapter and local hospitals. Keys AHEC, as part of its programming, provide evaluation and follow-up services for all of its medical programs by not only tracking medical assessment outcomes, but by also providing direct follow-up for all patients receiving referrals. This is done by direct contact within 30 days of the medical assessment. The program will include that women of all ages will receive breast health information, access to breast exams, referral for mammograms, follow-up services and resources, where applicable.

Gilda's Club South Florida - 954-763-6776
Women of Color

The Women of Color program intends to increase breast cancer and breast health awareness among uninsured and underinsured women of color in Broward County through interactive educational workshops. Prominent community figures will host the workshops within communities with a high population representative of the target audience. Respected professionals from local hospitals will deliver culturally sensitive, empirically-based information on breast health, breast cancer, medical treatments, and psychosocial care with an emphasis on the importance of screening and early detection. The purpose of hosting these educational workshops within the selected communities is to increase breast health awareness in populations with limited access to health information and resources relevant to their needs. Each participant will be provided with a variety of materials including information on how to access necessary resources throughout the continuum of care. These materials, combined with the knowledge gained during the workshop, will provide the target population with the tools necessary to take an active role in their breast health. 

Holy Cross Hospital, Inc. - 954-202-0277
Partners in Breast Health


The Komen Partners in Breast Health Program will provide underserved, Black communities with individual breast health education, clinical breast exams and mammograms in hope of reducing late stage breast cancer diagnosis through early detection. Special, reduced rates for services have been established for Partners in Breast Health and patients who qualify will be eligible to access grant funding for mammography and diagnositc services. Resources are available to patients with positive findings (breast cancer) to reduce barriers to access health care and treatment. 

Liga Contra el Cancer, Inc. - 305-856-4914
Liga Contra el Cancer and SGK Chemo Treatment Service Project 

The purpose of the requested funds from Susan G. Komen is to assist Liga Contra el Cáncer to continue its mission of providing (FREE) cancer care services to breast cancer patients who are uninsured, low-income, and/or who could be linguistically isolated and/or foreign born residing in Miami-Dade County. Accordingly, LIGA projects to help at least fifty (50) uninsured and/or low-income diagnosed breast cancer patients with the funds provided by the Susan G. Komen grant. The breast cancer patients who will benefit from the grant support will receive protocol approved drugs for treatment of early-stage breast cancer, such as Herceptin®, Taxotere®, Aloxi, or Neupogen®. 

Lymphedema Foundation of South Florida - 305-740-7292
Education/Treatment of Lymphedema Therapy

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a difficult, confusing, and overwhelming experience in itself without being complicated further by a debilitating secondary condition called Lymphedema. Lymphedema is an inefficiency of the body's lymph fluid system, following lymph node removal and/or radiation therapy, commonly associated with a lumpectomy or mastectomy, in an effort to stop cancer from spreading. Lymphedema is the swelling of the arm, upper chest and back areas, often creates pain and may cause limitations in activities of daily living. Bridging the gap between the diagnosis of cancer and returning to everyday function is the goal of our foundation. A therapy facility specializing in the care and treatment of lymphedema provided by certified lymphedema therapists, Lymphedema Foundation of South Florida's objective is to provide underprivileged, uninsured or underinsured individuals with manual lymph drainage, compression bandages, and customer fitted garments to physically reduce and control the impactful signs/symptoms of lymphedema. Additionally, we assess patients for upper extremity deficiency post-surgery and provide treatment, i.e. range of motion, stretching and strengthening exercises.  Our goal is to empower patients on the dos and don'ts of lymphedema/post-surgical cancer care. 

Memorial Foundation for Memorial Regional Hospital - 954-265-7953
Breast Cancer Screening & Diagnostic Testing for Uninsured and Underinsured Women

Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Testing (BCSDT) is a comprehensive breast health program targeting uninsured and underinsured women and men in southern Broward and northern Miami-Dade counties. Its goal is to decrease the risk of breast cancer and premature death by educating participants about cancer risk factors, providing routine screening, and diagnostic testing to detect cancer early. BCSDT provides 3D screening mammograms to residents within the geographic area that meet strict income guidelines. Services are provided at the Women's Imaging Center at Memorial Regional Hospital South or on the mammography van. Diagnostic procedures include mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs, cyst aspirations, and biopsies. We partner with fellow grantees, including Community Life Support, to serve the community. 

Memorial Healthcare System - 954-265-5764
Breast Cancer Genetic Testing for Underserved / Uninsured Persons

Breast Cancer Genetic Testing for Uninsured/Underserved Persons provides risk assessment counseling and genetic testing to Broward County residents at high risk for a breast cancer gene mutation that lack the financial resources to access the testing. Although only 5 to 10% of breast cancer patients carry a genetic mutation, it is important to determine this information. It informs the patient’s physician on the most effective course of treatment and helps family members understand their risk. In genetic screening for breast cancer, counselors compile family histories, calculate cancer risks, personalize epidemiology, and conduct genetic testing. Current tests include the multigene hereditary breast cancers panel such as the High Risk Hereditary Breast Cancers Panel or BRCA plus when there is no knowledge of a gene mutation. Other tests are administered based upon family history and previous test results. These include the BRCA1, BRCA2 sequencing, deletion, and duplication analysis, the Ashkenazi Panel, and the Single Site test. By obtaining information regarding the presence of a gene mutation, family members carrying this genetic mutation can access earlier and more intensive screening and alter their lifestyles and healthcare regimen to prevent breast and/or ovarian cancer altogether or to detect it in its earliest stages.

North Broward Hospital District - 954-355-5652
Every Woman Matters

The purpose of Broward Health’s Every Woman Matters program is to provide screening mammograms and diagnostic testing to underserved and uninsured women under 400% of the Federal Poverty Level within the northern two-thirds of Broward County, age 30-49. The goal of Every Woman Matters (EWM) is to decrease the risk of premature death due to breast cancer in minority uninsured, underserved women, with a focus on Black women and women who partner with women. The Every Woman Matters goal will be accomplished by conducting activities such as 128 screening mammograms, and based on the results provide the following services to underserved women: 27 diagnostic bilateral mammograms; 27 diagnostic unilateral mammograms; 28 breast ultrasounds; 16 ultrasound biopsies; 6 stereotactic biopsies; 1 MRI guided biopsy; 3 breast MRIs; 26 pathology reports; as well as enhance the seamless circle of care in breast health for medically underserved women who receive an abnormal mammogram by referring them to the Breast Cancer Patient Navigator program for case management. 

North Broward Hospital District - 954-355-5652
Know Your Genes

The purpose of the Know Your Genes program is to provide genetic counseling and testing to 8 underserved and uninsured women within the northern two-thirds of Broward County. The goal of Know Your Genes is to decrease the risk of premature death due to breast cancer in minority uninsured, underserved women, with a focus on Black women and women who partner with women. This goal will be accomplished by conducting activities such as: genetic testing, education on genetics, information on hereditary susceptibility, reasons for genetic testing, treatment options, explanation of BRAC 1 and BRAC 2 mutations, and the implications of testing positive for the aforementioned mutations.

Open Door Health Center, Inc. - 305-246-2400
Women’s Health Program (WHP)

The purpose of the Open Door Health Center (ODHC) Women's Health Program (WHP) is to increase access to breast cancer screening services and referrals for diagnostic tests and treatments to ensure the Continuum of Care to 350+ uninsured, linguistically isolated or foreign-born women twenty+ years of age in Miami-Dade County, Florida.  ODHC, a 501c3 organization will continue to provide clinical breast exams, referrals for mammograms and other diagnostic tests, and access to breast cancer treatments through our extensive network of volunteer providers and collaborators.  Clinic staff will assist prospective and current patients with the clinic application/reapplication processes, appointment scheduling and specialty referrals.Breast health awareness education and case management are also integral components of our program.  Evaluation measures are both objective: numbers of individuals reached and subjective: reported changes in breast self-awareness and healthy lifestyle behavior. The anticipated program impact is that participants who otherwise would not have access to breast cancer screening and diagnostic services will receive these services in a caring, compassionate environment, all at no cost to them.  Participants will also learn about breast self-awareness and will be encouraged to implement behaviors to protect their breast health, including eating healthy, engaging in regular physical activity and refraining from smoking and other high risk behaviors.  

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast, Inc.- 561- 543-5478 
Breast Health Youth and Community Education Program

The goal of the Breast Health Community Education Program is to reduce high risk behaviors, promote healthy lifestyles, and to increase Breast Self-Awareness, knowledge of family history and early breast cancer screening, for 1,000 uninsured and underinsured Black women in Broward County. Our Breast Health Educator, who is a cancer survivor, will utilize best practices from evidence-based programming to deliver breast health education in various formats which include small group settings, short presentations, and long lecture-style workshops, held at community sites, educational institutions, public health clinics, health fairs, churches, and businesses. Planned Parenthood of South Florida will deliver comprehensive breast health presentations and encourage women to get mammograms.

Project Access Foundation, Inc.- 305-559-8333 ext. 2223
Breast Cancer Education Outreach, Screening Treatment Program from Uninsured and Underinsured Women

Project Access strives to provide access for low cost mammograms, ultrasounds and breast health education to uninsured and underinsured women in Miami-Dade County.  The goals of the program are to: encourage screening for breast cancer for minority women and reduce the incidence of advance stage breast cancer in women; provide breast cancer screenings to underinsured African-American and Hispanic women; provide diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds and image guided breast biopsies to African-American and Hispanic women, and provide at least 6,250 women with breast cancer prevention education.

Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County d/b/a Jackson Health System -305-256-5245
MIAMI at Jackson South

Jackson South Breast Center proposes its Model for Increasing Access to Mammograms & Interventions (MIAMI) to improve breast health among uninsured or underinsured Hispanic women who are linguistically isolated and/or foreign born. Our objectives are to: 1) Increase number of screening mammograms for Hispanic women living in south Miami-Dade; 2) Increase early stage diagnosis in low-income Hispanic women; 3) Reduce financial barriers by reducing the time it takes for financial assessments to be conducted to two to three days for women reporting symptoms; and 4) Ensure that 100% of women diagnosed with an abnormality will be referred for appropriate clinical treatment. MIAMI will accomplish these goals by providing screening mammograms and diagnostic tests to a total of 224 low-income Hispanic women who meet the project’s demographic criteria. Financial barriers, including lack of insurance and under insurance (high co-pays and deductibles) that may prevent Hispanic women from being screened for breast cancer or having further diagnostic procedures based on abnormal findings, will be addressed by securing expedited times of two to three days for financial assessments. MIAMI will also minimize language and cultural barriers by providing bilingual, culturally sensitive employees.  

Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County d/b/a Jackson Health System -305-585-7410 Option 2
MIAMI at Taylor Breast Health Center

Taylor/Chaplin Breast Health Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital proposes its Model for Increasing Access to Mammograms & Interventions (MIAMI) to improve breast health among uninsured or underinsured Hispanic and Haitian women who are linguistically isolated and/or foreign born. MIAMI will accomplish these goals by providing free breast cancer screenings to 256 low-income Hispanic women who meet the project’s demographic criteria; by increasing early stage diagnosis among this population by providing diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, and image guided biopsies as medically indicated to the target population; and referring women for treatment who are diagnosed with abnormalities. The MIAMI initiative will minimize primary barriers, which may include lack of insurance, under insurance (high co-pays and deductibles), and language isolation. These should no longer prevent Hispanic and Haitian women from being screened or having further diagnostic procedures completed based on abnormal findings. All services will be rendered in a culturally sensitive manner by bilingual staff. 

Save Our Sisters DBT, Inc. - 305-987-9985
Dragon Boat Team

Save Our Sisters (SOS) is South Florida's first breast cancer survivor Dragon Boat Team, founded in 2007. Our mission is about survivorship following breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our desire in 2015-16 is to reach deeper into the breast cancer community to recruit and retain team members who are linguistically-isolated, foreign-born and less likely to have access to dragon boating. The program includes the addition of Spanish language coaching, mentoring new team members in the life-affirming sport, and using new data collection tools that measure success. Team members will realize the regular benefits of exercise in a culturally-sensitive environment, develop core physical strength while enjoying the emotional and social support of others who have had the mutual, life-changing experience of breast cancer.

St. John Bosco Clinic - 305-635-1335
Women’s Breast Health Program

Our program will provide low-income, uninsured patients with access to screening, diagnosis and patient navigation related to breast health following established standards of care. SJBC serves a predominantly Hispanic population of women living below the 200% FPL. Linguistic isolation is significantly higher in our primary service area (PSA) when compared to Miami-Dade at 25.7%. The average for our PSA is 40.8% with our top zip code, 33135, being at 60%. Providing patients an opportunity for screening supports our mission of delivering uncompensated healthcare to the most medically underserved populations in Miami-Dade County. The Komen grant ensures we achieve such delivery of care and allows our key activities related to breast health to continue; specifically, identifying and preventing breast cancer and navigating patients to access further community services. Health education is delivered in a format that is receptive to the language and cultural needs of our patients. The 2015-2016 program projections are 288 screening mammograms and 166 diagnostic exams.

University of Miami School of Medicine - 305-243-6462
Breast Cancer Navigator/Coordinator at Jackson Memorial 


The purpose of our program is to provide a patient navigator/coordinator for all people diagnosed with breast cancer at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Our patients are Dade County residents, uninsured or underinsured, predominantly immigrants and predominantly Spanish speaking. In doing this we hope to 1) improve patient compliance with effective and proven therapy and 2) improve the continuity of care for breast cancer patients. The Breast Cancer Navigator/Coordinator shepherds all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients through the entire spectrum of breast cancer care from diagnosis to wellness or hospice care. She makes all appointments for services and care, all referrals, coordinates all care and answers all questions for the breast cancer patients. We keep a log of all new patients accessioned into the system by the navigator. In addition we record and tabulate all of the services provided by the navigator to new patients and to established patients for purposes of evaluation. This position insures that all patients with breast cancer at JMH receive multidisciplinary, state of the art medical, surgical and radiation treatments for their breast cancer diagnosis in a timely, efficient and coordinated fashion. 

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine - 305-243-3627
Incidence of familial breast cancer in the underserved minority populations

Genetic testing to identify inherited causes of breast cancer has emerged as standard of care to aid in treatment options for certain newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. It can also identify risk for second breast primaries and other cancers, so that early detection and risk reduction options can be offered to decrease morbidity and mortality associated with high cancer risks. Families with hereditary breast cancer often experience devastating effects of aggressive cancer at extremely early ages in multiple family members. Our program at Jackson Memorial Hospital services a large uninsured and underinsured minority and immigrant population. A comprehensive culturally sensitive genetic counseling approach including board certified genetics professionals is tailored towards each patient's needs. Those who are aware of their increased risk to develop breast cancer demonstrate increased utilization of early detection methods and risk reduction strategies that ultimately prolong survival. With the support of the The Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, uninsured and medicaid patients and their family members at risk will have access to standard of care genetic testing not otherwise available to them, resulting in optimal treatment, earlier cancer detection and prevention.

Womankind - 305-320-0610
Keys to Breast Health

Womankind's Keys to Breast Health program provides un/underinsured and minority women of the Florida Keys with a dedicated Breast Health Coordinator as well as diagnostic tests for those in need.  The Breast Health Coordinator tracks women as they proceed through the continuum of care and ensures seamless delivery between providers.  She also ensures women receive regular recommended screenings for breast cancer.  Many women receiving abnormal mammogram results are unable to afford necessary diagnostics.  Avoiding or postponing these tests can be deadly.  In order to provide timely diagnostics care for women in need, Womankind, through Komen support, supplies vouchers for the necessary tests. 

YWCA of Greater Miami-Dade, Inc.- 305-377-9922 ext. 225 3
Family Wellness Program

Our purpose is to provide access to screening and diagnostic breast exams at low- or no cost to women who are uninsured, low-income, and in need of services in their native language in Miami-Dade. We also aim to increase breast health awareness and education to uninsured and underinsured women who are linguistically isolated and/or foreign born in Miami-Dade, and to increase that awareness to uninsured or underinsured black women and/or women who partner with women in Broward. Key activities are: 1) education in English, Haitian Creole, and Spanish provided to individuals through outreach and health fairs; to groups in education sessions; and mass media. Partner with Community Based Organizations for breast health resources for women who partner with women 2) Case management in English, Haitian Creole, and Spanish via client intakes, scheduling, follow-up, referrals, and reminder cards. The program is evaluated by adherence to its calendar of activities, sign-in logs, pre/post test, intake forms, client results, and provider invoices. The program aims at impacting the target population by providing education to 1,000 women to increase their knowledge of breast cancer prevention, sign and symptoms. It also aims to impact the target population by providing access to 61 clinical breast exam, and screening mammograms and 22 diagnostic mammograms and other diagnostic screenings.